Welcome to the website of your Turkish Mistress Lady Taina.

I am an oriental beauty who knows what she wants and how she gets it!

My allure will drive you out of your mind, and I'll fleece you mercilessly, down-and-dirty.
I fuck your brain to satisfy my endless greed for more. It's my lustful lucre that I'll live out through you. Therefor you'll be treated unfair, ripped-off and milked extremely day by day - without any respect for you!  

Me, your Turkish mistress, demands your total submission as an inferior beta-slave, and the fact that you've arrived here at my website shows me right this devotion.
I'm absolutely aware of the fact, that I'm superior to a loser like you, and you know it well, too. That's why you will behave submissive, just like it's meant to be!
I don't care which position you have in your social life or your work - if you're by my side, your view ends at the top of my shoe-cap, and this means you'll look up suppliantly!

You're not worth a single shit - your life's going to lose every sense without me, and I'll put a guiding leash on you, just like I think best.
This is my game that's led by my rules, and when you've once started - there's no way back!

Sooner or later we all meet that one person that changes our lives enormously.
In that case it's the incarnated Turkish goddess in your sight, and everything I demand from you is your dedication to follow your deep impulse which led you straight into my catch to do what you're created for:
To kneel down in front of me.

Fetish means dedication...
... to indulge in your deep needs, even if this goes along with the total self-abandonment and acceptance for absolute immaturity.
No matter how you try to turn the tides, your point of departure will stay the same, otherwise
you wouldn't stay here and read all of my words.

Letting go...
...is your destination, your determined way and your goal at the end or the road - and over there, where a little sparkling light shines before your eyes, I will wait for you to make you my personal object of use, and every bridge for going back is burned behind you within seconds.

Pray to me...

...hate me for looking through you, love me for being the only one who's able to satisfy your burning
desires, and learn to accept that:

You belong to ME.